Different Teaching styles for different intelligent types

Different Teaching styles for different intelligent types

    It’s my great honor to study TESOL course for Children ‘s program in Beijing . During this training . I gain systematic teaching methods and lots of practical teaching games in class. Especially , I get to know different intelligence styles of children and know how to use different ways to teach them well in real class.   

Firstly , I know there are eight kinds of intelligence style of children. For visual learners , they are extremely imaginative and creative . They are more interested in pictures and real objects . So if i get to know this kind of style of my kids. I will use pictures and real objects and even my body languages to make them understand what am I teaching . For naturalist , I get to know when i am teaching , it’s better for me to take my students to go outside to know more new fresh things. Nature is very good place for them to learn and study . It can attract their attention better than study in the classroom . Out teaching should changed sometimes to stimulate their interest . Also for musical learners , they are really focused on something when they hear the melody and the rhyme. So playing some English songs in your class can totally make them focused. They will also learn the new words and sentences form the music .   For logical learners , they have good ability for solving the problem and can always understand complex formulations . So if in our real class, if we have given the students some task to finish , but they may have someone who does not have a very good understanding , and teachers can let this kind of logical students try to explain something hard to the others. In this situation, teacher’s problems are solved and also give the chance to the students , at the same time , logical students they may feel proud of themselves. For some interpersonal students , they are always “people person “ . They totally like to work in groups and to be the leaders of others . Especially , when we design some task reading activity in class , we can usually provide the grouping and teamwork of these students . They are very active to discuss and communicate with others . Also we can invite one for each group , give the individual team leader task to make the other students to finish the work . Meanwhile , the leaders not only study something for class , they also improve their leadership.   

   Secondly I gain some interesting teaching method for the class. Some activities are useful for visual learners , and some activities are very useful for logical students . For example , there is a game named count down . Teacher will write something on the board . Two students will sit on the chair which is back too the words . The students for each group will first focus on the image of the picture and then try to describe the words that teacher wrote on the board . Then the students who sit down will guess the word .For this activity , the visual learner are interesting in the picture and then say something . For logical games , i get to know when we are teaching numbers , we can play some funny game related to the math . For example , when we teach the addition , we can give each students one number and the last result , they need to think in a logical way first and the get another number hen say it in English .

   There is a saying “ It’s never too old to learn “. I believe that this is my right decision to choose to come here to study TESOL course . I am sure i will be an international English teacher and i can always try my best !




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