The help of learning TESOL course


Here I would like to talk about what have I learned in Tesol course training and How is helps me so much.


First day,

we’ve learned useful stages of language development,greeting,energizers and ESL games.And teacher Alex demonstrated for us all the time to make sure we can know how to do it and learn it better. I want to share two ideas.

Firstly,I think the energizers are really big shock to my brain.Everybody knows the beging 5 minutes in YLE class which is of vital importance ,so good games can help a lot.In real class ,we will use some warm-up games,such as pupeet ,ball,alligator,cards to reiview and warm up at the same time.But over time,kids know the rule,they feel bored.As Alex introduced,we can use energizers (the same as warm up,ice-breaking),moving our whole bodies,using chants,using drum,and popular songs like “let it go“etc.Also we can adapt it,like “let her go”.It inspired me so much and I can wait to use them in class!

Secondly,The Early Production Stage

I think the language development is of vital importance for every English teacher. First, The Silent or Pre-productive Stage: during this period, the students will understand the meaning of words through gestures and other forms of nonverbal communication, they like to speak.at this point, students start to communicate verbally using simple words, phrases and commands, much like the "telegraphic speech".

Third,The Speech Emergence Stage:

at this point, students are able to answer questions in complete sentences and is no longer intimidated by the second language. Teacher should relay the correct answer when the child makes a grammatical or usage mistakes.Forth,the Intermediate Fluency Stage: at this stage, fluency is enhanced, and the learner's mental lexicon doubles. It is important for the students to be able to negotiate the means by which they are to express themselves coherently. Fifth,the Advanced Proficiency Stage: by this stage, second language speakers usually have fluency equal to those of first language speakers, it generally takes about five to seven years.After knowing those,we know what are they and where will they go,then we can adapt methods according to the development of kids.


Second day,we’ve discussed overview of teaching(like how to be a great teacher,how tomotivate kids,how to balance TTT&STT,and manage class)and types of leaning intellegences,also useful teaching method like drama and TPR.

Today if so important because I can know the whole page of teaching English,and it helps us to know where are we right now and show us the right destination to improve and get advanced.First I want to review intelligence and the activities firstly,because every teacher should know and boost the talent of kids. They are Verbal/Linguistic,Math/Logical,Spatial/Visual,Musical,Bodily / Kinesthetic,Interpersonal,Intrapersonal and Naturalist. The test shows I‘m logical,and I think maybe it’s right.Because I have fun learning by ask questions.And if teacher is patient and have tolence,I will feel excited to solve a lot of problems.So it works for kids.We should know the intelligence and adapt methods to get more efficient teaching procedures.

Third day,

we’ve learned some teaching methods and some good games.I think 6 of teaching methods helped me a lot.

(1)Communicative approach

The communicative approach can leave students in suspense as to the outcome of a class exercise, which will vary according to their reactions and responses. The real-life simulations change from day to day. Students' motivation to learn comes from their desire to communicate in meaningful ways about meaningful topics.In our class,corner debate is a good way to let kids express themselves,and paper plane,big circle and small circle are also good way to offer   good communication chances.

(2)TPR teaching method

This approach is not just using your body to repeat or respond.Children has good visual and physical ability and energy,so TPR combines them,which is a good way to attract kids and practice English efficiently.We should do remember 5 steps,inluding I say I do,I say we do,I say you do,and you say you do.And it’s also a good way to demonstrate.

(3)Direct approach.

This method is not just show the real things or teach English without any instructions.Direct approach is a good way to teach language with visual things including pictures,models,real things etc.It offers the situation,so kids can know what is it and how to use it directly.It’s efficient way to learn English and I think it’s common for every teacher.

(4)Art / Musical Approach

It is said that there is a strong proof of using music in the TESOL classroom. Music and language are tied together in brain processing by pitch, rhythm and by symmetrical phrasing. Music plays a very important role in learning a language. It can help familiarize the students with the expressions easily and gives a fun way to learn it.It is so fun in drilling time,actually I have learned so many useful chants which are so helpful in real class.

(5)Rassias Method.

It is a method that can offer a fair and comfortable learning environment for kids. First,rassias method uses of big gestures and have the students sit in a circle rather than the traditional classroom setup.Second,we use a lot of rewarding designing to make kids speak aloud or shout out.The most importantly,Boosting the students’ confidence is one of the primary goals of this teaching style,so we can say no or point out mistakes of kids,we just repeat to correct naturally.

(6)Vocabulary Approach.

This approach refers to the introduction of words, and a series of vocabulary drill. Students can build their vocabularies by incidental acquisition or through direct study. To strengthen students' vocabulary, activities like "listen and repeat" and "what's missing?" can be used.


Above them , I want to talk about Rassias Method that how it helps me.I think every kid needs a fair learning environment no matter your intelligence or skill.In my teaching period,there is one kid who is eye-disabled,and he’s so shy to speak aloud because of his diffenrence.Actually during that year I used Rassias method to teach him,even thought I didn’t know what the method name is.When he finished Kindergarden learning,he became brave and cheerful,glad to chat with family members in English.He even wrote a letter in English to me for thanks.What I want to express is that appropriate method is so important,because we are not just a teacher,we also accompany with kids.Just like Alexsaid to us,the god.So Rassias method shows fair and comfortable learning environment which kids will get a lot of benefit from it.Not just language, also life competency.

In the end,we will know how make a LP, how to arrange your teaching materials and we will demonstrate later. I want to thank teacher Alex to and we have learned so much from him. Actually I am so glad to join in this TESOL training,and I hope to use these tools and subjects asas in my class.



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