TESOL listening, reading and writing teaching


Listening is one of the most important communication skills. We probably spendingmore time by using our listening skills than any other kind of skill.Listening can improve our knowledge and understanding; sometimes, it can save time and energy, leading to a better result. Some people have difficulty in listening.because they are not familiar with the pronunciation of words, the logic of English and the cultural background of the language. Therefore, in teaching, it is necessary to let students know how native speakers speak English and build learners sensibilities.


The principle of TESOL listening teaching is to use some materials close to students' life, which can stimulate students' interest in learning. Then, students are introduced to the language and cultural background, so that students can understand the logic of the language. Finally, a large number of classroom activities are used to impress students, such as showing pictures, role-playing the situation, providing keyword list.

Neil Anderson insisted that reading is the core of language instruction. Grasping good reading skills is the key to learning English well.

Due to the lack of motivation, most learners think that reading is boring. The lack of vocabulary is also one of the obstacles to reading well. In the process of teaching reading, teachers need to combine independent reading skills and classroom activities. Before reading, help students understand the article through TESOL pictures and mind maps so that students can have a preliminary understanding of the article and guess the article's content.

There are two types of techniques in reading: skimming and scanning. Skimming is used for long articles, newspapers and magazines. Skimming helped students get a general idea of the material they were reading. Scanning is a good choice when looking for answers quickly to specific information and questions in reading material. When coming across some unfamiliar words, the student can skip some vocabulary and try to guess the meaning of unfamiliar words. Echo reading and shadow reading can be used as classroom activities to improve students' reading ability.

Summarize the reading, and connect readings to their knowledge. This method helps students memorize the readings and deepen their understanding.

In addition to using textbooks, teachers can also properly supplement some extension reading. This can expand students' vocabulary and deeper language awareness.

Speaking is the most widely used skill of students in real life, and it is closely related to the ability to communicate,

Many students are shy or afraid of making mistakes, so they are afraid to speak English. Therefore, teachers should encourage students and cultivate their confidence. In class, teachers should, first of all, create a pure English language environment, keep students speaking the target language, and give students as many chances as possible to speak. Then make a careful choice of the topic and task to stimulate students' interest. Also, the teacher should give some instruction or training in discussion skills.Work and free fluency work, and the difference is whether or not there are scripting restrictions.


The most helpful TESOL speaking activities are pair work or group discussion; when students do the pair work, they can have a dialogue with their partner,and correct each other's oral mistakes. In the group activities, they can do the role-play,teacher should give a clear situation and roles and careful instruction to ensure the activity's success. For students with higher oral English level, teachers can also use the way of debate competition to supplement teaching

It takes much time to improve writing ability. Teachers should use a variety of activities in the teaching process to stimulate students' interest in learning and develop students' thinking.

Before writing, students should be thinking about the basic idea and organized topics. The teacher should make the students think outside the box and make the association. In this stage, thinking maps should be used. Thinking map includes bubble map, double bubble map, flow map, multi-flow map, circle map, treemap, brace map and bridge map. A bubble map is used to describe a topic; the center circle us for the topic while the outer circles are adjective. The double bubble map is used for comparing and contracting. Using a bridge map can help to show relationships between two ideas, topics, areas. These three kinds of maps are used most. After writing, the teacher can let students share their writing with classmates and give feedback.

Chain fairytale is an excellent way to improve learners’ writing skills. Firstly, everyone should write a story, and when the teacher says switch, students should stop writing and pass the paper to the next one, and then continue writing down the story; after a while, it’s time to read the story in front of the classroom, it is an interesting activity which can make students relax and have fun. There is a similar activity named Fold-Overstories; it is also helpful for students to learn writing.



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